Monday, January 19, 2009

Twitter Shorty Awards & Trash Talking

Thanks to everyone who has already voted for me in the Health Category of the Twitter Shorty Finals. In case you didn't know, these are awards for the best "twitterers" out there. There are 26 categories and about 5 people made the finals in each category. The polls close Friday, January 23rd, 2009 at midnight pacific time. Don't forget to vote for Dr. A!

I usually don't engage in the "gamesmanship" that occurs during these voting cycles for awards. However, I have to point out what my competition is doing, because it is not altogether nice. Just today, I saw the person in 2nd place in the health category has been typing out twitters like the following this morning.
@shortyawards I vote for @TraderAlamo in the Shorty Awards Finals for #finance because they're in second and can win with my vote.

@TraderAlamo I voted for you. :) Do you think it's right for me to be beat by a NO-NAME? Just wonderin

ADHDParenting: RT @venuswithin @adhdparenting I'm saying we can't let a NO-NAME beat the Respect Effect Mom in Texas :) about 10 hours ago

NO-NAME? Wow, that's kind of mean, don't you think? In using the great tool called, "Twitter Search," check out how many times this person has used the phrase, "NO-NAME" in trying to get votes. Yeesh. Plus, stating things like they're voting for someone just because they're in 2nd?

On her website, she calls herself the "Respect Effect Mom." I'd like to ask her how she would deal with a kid who is name calling. That's not very respectful, don't you think? Another thing I found interesting is that on her twitter profile she says that "I can help improve your child's behavior." Well, how about your adult behavior. That's kind of questionable, don't you think?

Anyway, if she passes me and wins this category, my heart is not going to be broken. I very much appreciate the 60+ people who have voted for me (don't forget to tell your friends!), because I know that they feel I'm the best "twitterer" in this category. And, I didn't have to resort to "trash talking" to get people to vote for me. Best of luck to everyone in my category and to those who have made the Shorty Finals!

Addendum (5:15pmET): Apparently this post has gotten someone's attention. I'd like to welcome ADHD Parenting to following me on twitter about an hour ago which probably led her to this post and the following twitter response below.
@doctoranonymous=lack of name assoc=NO-NAME. Stating facts. In health, transparency rules. You post name. I retract tweets. Sound fair? :)
My response to this is that my real name has been out there on the interwebs for months. I have my reasons for not making it front and center on this blog and on my internet radio show. If people don't like that I do that, then don't vote for me. 

But, I thought that this award was for the best tweets and the best twitterer - and not for how transparent someone appears to be. This award is about looking at my twitter feed and look at the other finalists twitter feeds. Make your own decision and vote for the best twitterer.

(Oh, by the way, here is the link that you're looking for. You can retract the tweets, but the votes have already been cast and your intention with this was obvious. So, we'll let the people decide.)


Cathy said...

Well goodness, she is mean. You may be Doctor Anonymous, but you are well known to any and all health care bloggers and people on twit. and how many listen to you on BTR? In contrast, I have never heard of the "Respect Effect mom."

Anonymous said...

Well, I voted for the "no-name"! ;) My fingers are crossed for ya, Dr A.

Anonymous said...

This is my random, sarcastic "Girl007" response to this.

Respect Effect Mom sounds like a hillbilly, hahahahhaahahah! Dr. A can stand for Dr. Anonymous, or it can stand for Dr. AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, the Respect Effect Mom is nice and you're not - easy for mento see why nice people would vote for her and not you.

Anonymous said...

Typo above - should be "me to see" and not "mento see".