Friday, January 09, 2009

What A Flight Nurse Wears

I might get in trouble for showing you this top secret information, but I thought all of you wanted to know (hehe). Ever wanted to know what a flight nurse wears? Well, I found this exclusive footage from our fave flight nurse - the one and only Crzegrl.

Looks like she was responding to a request from nursing students in the Philippines (Who-Hoo!). Actually, I had no idea what Emily was talking about. I'm just a sucker for (almost) anyone in a flight suit. Great job Emily!


OHN said...

Many many moons ago, I was in nursing school. Had trauma nursing/flight nursing etc been around then, I wouldn't have left school. At the time I was in training, it was primarily bedpan duty with occasional injection administration.

Now when I see Life Flight hot loading an accident victim or buzzing over our house on the way to the trauma center, I admit I was a little short sighted back when I was a snot nosed college student. By now I would have had enough time in the trenches to possibly be one of those on the Sikorsky instead of here on the ground.

emily said...

OMG! You beat me to my own post!!!!!!

This is awesome, now all I have to do is link to you.

Hmmmm...will have to post more video in the future!

OHN---I *heart* my Sikorsky! She is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I just found you through Facebook, and I love your blog! My husband's a fourth year med student, so I'm counting down until Match Day (68 days, by the way).