Monday, January 19, 2009

MedCity News Premieres Today

Before all the inauguration news floods the internet tomorrow, I did want to send some congratulations to my friend Chris Seper, co-founder Mary Vanac, and the rest of the team over at MedCity News. They went live at around noon today, from what I could gather, things have been going ok over there today. According to the site, here is how they describe themselves.
MedCity News is a news service focusing on business, innovation and influence in health care. We don’t write about consumer health or the research in medical journals. Instead, MedCity News covers health care as the economic engine of major American cities. Our current focus is Northeast Ohio, followed by the rest of Ohio and sections of the Midwest.
I also encourage you to check out a profile of the MedCity News founders in the online magazine Cool Cleveland (the blurb is about halfway down the page). Chris introduced himself to me when he was working at the Cleveland Plain Dealer online site. He graciously put a link to my blog and The Doctor Anonymous Show on the PD site, which introduced some local readers/listeners to the blog/show, and for that I'm grateful. So, especially if you're where I'm at (northern and NE Ohio), definitely check out MedCity News.