Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today's Video Picks

Just today, I saw three great vids from fellow medbloggers and new media medicine peeps out there. They follow below. First is Kerri from (BTW, vote for her blog in the Medgadget Awards!). In this video blog, she talks about her latest adventures with her HbAIC.

Next is our blog friend Medi-Medi-Mary who does what looks like a parody video of me doing a promo for The Doctor Anonymous Show. Unfortunately, I could not find the code to place here. So, check out her blog post called My first (kinda) video post. Finally is our buddy LizzPiano and her "secret project" which is a video shot by her hospital. It's a very well done music video which I think is about a recent quality improvement project that their hospital nursing staff did. Check it out below. Great use of video. If you're not using video yet, why not? You'll be glad you did!


Mary said...

Hahaha, yeah, I uploaded it directly to blogger, so that's probably why you can't put it here. And I'm sooo glad you liked it. I sat there last night watching it like five times getting more and more giggly each time I did! But usually, I'm the only one who finds myself funny, so I wasn't sure. What can I say? I wanna be like Mike! Hehe.

Also- LizzPiano's vid is amazing! I didn't have time earlier to check when she tweeted it, so I'm glad it was here!

And totally YAY for Kerri! Video posts are awesome! I guess you're an inspiration to us all! (sincere, but said in the cheesiest way possible) ;)

Kerri. said...

Thanks for highlighting us, Dr. A. You are absolutely a vlogging inspiration, right down to the Flip camera!! :D

(And, might I add, your new microphone is totally official looking. I'm highly impressed! It's downright space age!)