Monday, December 29, 2008

I've Been Punk'd

Our pal Dr. Rob has been at it again. It begins by leaving a comment on my blog which ends like this - "I just posted a poem about you, by the way." As I write this post, it is about 12 hours ago since I first saw that comment. Finally, I'm able to get over to his blog, and I see the following limerick about me:
There once was a Doctor Anonymous
With talk shows his name was synonymous
He’d chat with his guest
And charm all the rest
Until the whole evening was gone on us
Our buddy Dr. Rob is trying to get his readers to write a limerick to obtain the prestigious Golden Llama Award. As you can see above, I have bestowed this distinction on myself - just for being subjected to this "embarrassment" (hehe - I was expecting at least a mention of Nantucket or something like that - HA!).

Anyway, definitely check out his comment section on this post. There are a few pretty creative rhymes over there. But, I'm like Dr. Val when she said, "Just can't do it." Word up, Dr. Val!


Anonymous said...

He totally copied my idea...just sayin, I wrote you a poem first.

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

Gledwood said...

Hi Dr A, please prescribe us all a happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

Um. I think you confused me with Dr. V (Dr. Bryan Vartabedian). Be careful, he's a Dr. Val "look alike" out there. He's on Twitter too... Word.