Monday, December 22, 2008

Hi! I'm Dr. Santa!

On this Monday before Christmas, I would like to spread some Christmas cheer to everyone out there this morning - especially, since it feels like -20F with the winds this morning. Usually, this is a good day to stay home. But, since Dr. Santa has to save lives (HA), I took the reindeer and sleigh to the hospital (tough to find a parking spot) and to the office.

What would you say if I walked into your hospital room or office exam room looking like this on this cold morning? Leave your comments (all comments welcome) below. Oh, by the way, there's only three days left until Christmas. Happy Monday!


Unknown said...

I think if my doctor walked in dressed like that I'd be pretty happy because I'd know that my doctor was a fun guy who gets into the holiday spirit and tries to make his patients feel at ease.

OHN said...

I would smile through the entire exam. (Well, maybe not, depending on what you were examining;)

I bet your patients AND your staff love you.

We are freezing our tushies off here too...the furnace is in overdrive!

(little side comment word approval today is "jokednes"..somehow seems appropriate :)

mark's tails said...

I'd say, "please tell me your stethescope is warming up under your hat."

emily said...

*in breathy Marilyn voice*

Santa baby! You're the one!


Anonymous said...

ok, i'll provide a dissenting comment. i appreciate the nod to the season, and the signal that you're a fun guy. however, for the serious, non-fun conversations that i've been having with my medical practitioners the last couple years, i'd prefer they wear the usual "uniform", amended perhaps by a rudolph necktie, santa tieclip, or holly-berry brooch.

to put it another way: would you want to discuss your malpractice case with a lawyer wearing this hat?

thx for asking, gina

Dragonfly said...

Merry Christmas?

tracy said...

I would smile and hope there were some mistole around! :)