Friday, December 19, 2008

Show 63 Wrap-up

What a fun Christmas show that we had tonight! Right at the beginning of my show I did a "dramatic" reading of The Night Before Christmas - that was fun to do! (You can listen to the show above, or, download the show by clicking here.)

I wanted to thank my "secret" guests who were Kat and Kim. At the end of my show, my computer froze up and Kat had to close up the show for me - and she did a fabulous job! Also, our buddy Kim cut her foot right before coming on the show. Kim came on and recited a poem to me and did a great job on the show. Then, as you could see from her twitters, she did go to the emergency room and receive six stitches.

Thanks also to those who called into the show. Marq called in and gave a sang a little parody song for me - that was nice of him to do. Also, Sunny, RevRockDog, Annie & Burl also called into say hello and make the show even more entertaining. I am still flattered that people would write a poem or write a song for me - very much appreciated.

So, this is the last Doctor Anonymous Show of 2008. I can't believe this year went so fast. Just wanted to thank everyone out there who support my show, support my blog, and support me. It is all of you out there who keep bringing me back to try to do more to entertain and inform you. I'm really looking forward to 2009. I have some grand plans on how to make the show bette and how to make the blog better - all while having fun in the process!

Update: It's been a very frustrating last six hours. I've been trying to upload a video post to the viddler site, but for some reason, it's not going through. That's why the video post is initially not here. I'm going to try to continue to try to post it through the day today. Yeesh!

Update 2: Was able to upload to YouTube. Let me know what you think of the video quality. I'm still trying to upload to Viddler. But, always wanted to try YouTube. Not sure if I like it as much.

Update 3: I know all these updates are really geeky, but, it's been interesting experimenting with other video sharing sites. Viddler is still not working for me. Thanks to T-rave, tried out Blip.Tv. And, I'll let you be the judge verses YouTube (both videos above).

Update 4: Ok, last update on this issue. It is now 18 hours since the initial post, and the Viddler post finally came up. I compared Viddler, Blip, and Youtube videos and I'm deleting the latter above.

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