Monday, October 15, 2007

Filipino Mob found me

For those who tuned into The Dr. A Show on Friday night and on Sunday night - you heard that I was having technical problems. On Friday, my internet connection totally dropped. And, my connection did not come back until Sunday. So, Sunday, I tried to have another show, and more technical problems happened.

During my show, I criticized the "Filipino Mob" for totally overreacting (image credit). So, during both my radio shows, I was feeling totally paranoid that "someone" or "someones" were either gaining access to my computer or cutting off my internet connection. Could they really do that? Can't the Mob do anything?

After the paranoia passed, I checked out my system to see if there were any problems on my end. After a cursory check, I didn't find anything obvious. My next step was looking at the site of my internet service provider. Interestingly enough, I found the following message on their site.

Red 10/12/2007 4:38:03 PM
TW-NEO Road Runner is currently experiencing issues with the cable network. Subscribers in the affected area(s) may experience a loss of connectivity, usually indicated by flashing modem lights and/or a loss of video service. Our engineers are working quickly to resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Now looking back, this was about four hours prior to my Friday night show time. So, this was probably the culprit. I feel a little better (kind of). On Sunday night, I was having problems with calling in via Skype, so I had to use my landline.

Hopefully, these tech problems can be worked out. I really didn't believe that the mob found me - well, kind of. They really can't find me, can they? What's that? Oh yeah, it's the paranoia that's coming back. hehe

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Anonymous said...

Funny...I think my site was trashed because maybe I pissed somebody with what I wrote about the DH episode. Can't blame you for thinking that the mob's after you, considering the comments that you got for expressing your views about it.

And yeah, since my site was busted by some hacker, I'm now blogging at a wordpress site. And yeah, no health and dream blogs too. I hope my host can finish fixing my other blogs.