Friday, October 19, 2007

Epilogue: Dr. A Live #9

The live chat room is really the show within the show. For some reason, the chat room was focused on the Halloween theme - with psychiatrists, no doubt. Pretty funny. Thanks to those of you who made the chat room so much fun! You can either listen to the show via my sidebar, or you can click here to listen through my Dr. A show site.

Thanks so much for all three shrinks from the Shrink Rap blog and My Three Shrinks podcast for calling into the show. That was a pleasant surprise. Clink is even at South Beach right now at a conference and she called us from her hotel balcony (at least that's what she said).

Thanks also to Ladyk73 and Turnbaby for calling into the show. According to the stats, this show had the most live listeners of all the shows that I have done so far. I really appreciate the support that so many people have given the show. Tell your friends; tell your neighbors; tell everybody about the show!

Sunday night, October 21st at 9pm eastern time, there will be a special Sunday edition of the show. Our guest? It will be the one and only Dashing MD from the Dashing MD podcast.

Then in the usual Thursday night timeslot at 10pm eastern - on October 26th - will be Mimi Lenox. The Blogblast for Peace is quickly approaching. We'll be talking about that and other stuff. Have a great weekend, everybody!


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Hey sorry Doc...was out with a young lady last night...You or her, you lose every time!


Will listen in the archives...

AtriaBooks said...

Hope you tell us all about it on Tuesday, Bond!