Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dr. A Show: The Shrink Interview

On Thursday at 10pm eastern time, The Doctor Anonymous Live welcomes Roy from MyThreeShrinks and the Shrink Rap blog. I'm very excited about this interview. I was on the My Three Shrinks podcast about a month ago, and I had a great time. I encourage you to take a listen before Thursday's show.

Over the past couple of weeks, Roy has had some very informative posts on various topics like postpartum depression, the Virginia Tech findings report, panic attacks, mental illness awareness week, topamax used in chronic alcohol consumption patients, and a post called "Sunday Brain Soup," that you'll have to check out. Click here to read these over before the show.

Or, we might just take the discussion in an entirely different direction. You have to be sure to listen live, join the live chat room, and/or call in to harrass, er, ask us a question about the above topics or anything else that comes to mind. Write it down! Thursday night at 10pm eastern time. Roy, me, you, and Doctor Anonymous Live - Don't miss it!

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