Friday, October 12, 2007

Dr. A show Friday night

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Yes, I'm the worst host -- ever! I cancel my show for Thursday night, and what do I do? I just come back the next night with a show. And, yes, I have nothing better to do on a Friday night except blog and talk on internet radio. Your point would be...

Well, I will tell you this. I will be watching the Indians/Red Sox game Friday night during the show - and will probably give you real time reaction - At least that should be interesting, right?

There are no scheduled guests - except you if you would like to call into the show. I'm calling this "The Dr. A Chronicles." I've been meaning to talk about the DH thing (which I know people either never heard of, don't care about, or have moved on from), some medical news, and, of course, the American League Championship Series.

It'll probably be more like the Dr. A monologue, but, hey, who cares? I'm going to have a good time. And, if you're by a computer Friday night at 9pm eastern time, feel free to join me. Go Tribe!


SeaSpray said...

Hey Dr A! Congrats on the Indians winning!

Our family has a lot of die hard Yankee fans and needless to say disappointed!

My husband's great uncle played on the Yankees and was friends with Babe Ruth. He brought him up to our county to go hunting and fishing. Our sons have a "copy" of a pic of their uncle and Babe Ruth in uniform arm in arm.

He was a pitcher but he injured himself while rescuing pets in a house fire.

Our d-i-l is from Ohio.

AtriaBooks said...

I thought we were going to debate the Designated Hitter when you mentioned "the DH thing" How sorry was I to see the topic will be Desperate Housewives. YUCK!

I'll tune in anyway. You better hope the gnats travel north with the team.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

setting the alarm on my phone to remind me...wait..I thought baseball was over! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. A:

I finally got around to reading "House of God", and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation a long while ago.
I'll be home tonight at the pc. I'll log in and listen, (even though I'm not a big baseball fan).

Travis Cody said...

LOL - that's funny!

Sorry I wasn't able to join in last night. I'll catch the next one.