Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Kevin MD Top 8 List

Here's something interesting hot off the press over at Kevin, MD:
I am pleased to introduce the MedBlog Power 8.

I'm publishing a list of medical blogs that have had an exceptional week of blogging, similar to the "Power List" rankings you find on various sports websites - the so-called "Power 8" medical blogs.

Here is how it works:
* The list is revised every Wednesday and published every 2-3 days
* The blogs I choose to include, and subsequent rankings, is a purely subjective process. The decision is final and without debate.
* Kevin, M.D. is ineligible to be on the list.
This is an interesting concept. I wonder what the reaction will be out there in the medical blogosphere. There is no doubt that Kevin, MD is influential and being named to the Top Eight List is a recognition that most medbloggers will be shooting for (hint, hint).

I wonder why the number "eight" was chosen instead of a "top 10 list" or some other number. Curious. Plus, the "purely subjective" criteria will be interesting to see how that all plays out. You can kind of get some hints of Kevin, MD's interests by seeing what he highlights on a daily basis.

Kudos to the group from the Shrink Rap blog for making the very first Medblog Power Eight. Guess I have some work to do to try to make the list. I've always liked a challenge. We'll have to see how the concept of a top medblog list all plays out....

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B. Ramana said...

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