Sunday, June 03, 2007

Go Cavs!

Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers who are on their way to the NBA Finals. This is the first chance in a long time for Cleveland to win a major sports championship in decades. From the Associated Press, this pretty much sums up what's going on in Cleveland this morning. Good luck in the Finals!

As his teammates danced and carried on while wearing baseball caps and T-shirts proclaiming "Champions," LeBron James walked around in a daze with a smile etched across his face. "This is like a dream," he said, shaking his head. "This is probably the best feeling that I've ever had in my life." An entire city felt the same.

For the first time in a long time, championship-starved Cleveland has something to feel good about. The Cavaliers, once the punch line to jokes and Michael Jordan's favorite foil, are Eastern Conference champions — and on their way to the NBA finals.


OHN said...

I am a completely old woman who typically doesn't love sports but even I have Cav's fever! We are 6degrees of separation from L. James..our neighbor is a high school friend of his, and son #1's first job was a cook at the local Waffle H.ouse where L.James and his buds would come to eat quite frequently. (Thankfully son quit the smelly greasy job and is headed to college.) Son #2 would hyperventilate when brother would come home and talk about cooking LJ his breakfast (usually about a week after it happened because son #1 isn't into athlete worship and would FORGET to mention it)..anyway it was nice to hop online this morning and see you had mentioned "our" Cav's :)

Cathy said...

I was going to blog about this also, but I was afraid doing so might jinx them. I am remembering what happened when I bragged about those "Buckeyes" several months ago.

Snoskred said...

I know nothing about sport but I do know when I want the Australian Olympic Swimmers to win they virtually drown, and they're like in the pool every day, and they're *swimmers* so how on earth can they suddenly forget how to do that? Cyclists fall off their bikes if I'm cheering them on. Horses break legs. Greyhounds run into each other. Motorcyclists fall off their bikes. Racing cars crash. Football teams lose by a lot of points. The common thread through all these things is me. :) To the extent that I will only watch a replay of sport these days.

So I'm with Cathy on not being sure what is a jinx with that kind of thing.. ;)

You're in the US, you might want to join the US Blogs Community on Bumpzee. I've really found some great new blogs from it (and the Australian version of it) and am enjoying it. ;)


Snoskred said...

doh! forgot to mention where it is.. ;) and if anyone from Australia is reading this, you might want to check out the Australian community. :)