Monday, June 25, 2007

Jessie Davis case: 2nd arrest made

Myisha Ferrell was arrested Sunday and will be arraigned today, in addition to Bobby Cutts, in connection with the Jessie Davis case. (Associated Press, Akron Beacon Journal) I kept watching the local and national news yesterday learning more and more details.

Something that gets me really frustrated are those who are blaming the victim. "Why would you stay with someone with a past history like his?" "Didn't she learn after the first child, or didn't she learn after she found out that this guy fathered other children with other women?"

Why don't I just step out of the way so those people can just stomp on this woman's coffin and grave? Like I said yesterday, we don't know what happened between those two people - despite what anyone (even family) are saying.

You can blame this guy and his accomplice all you want (and I know everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty), but pointing the finger at Jessie before we can learn more about this case - that's just wrong. Everyone around here will be watching the news very closely today as these two go to court.


Gledwood said...

... don't you think it's the media doing half the stomping though ...??

Dr. A said...

That's a good point. I usually call out the media in times like this. But in some blogs I've been reading, there are a lot of "I told you so" people out there, and they just get me upset.

The Curmudgeon said...

Yes, this has been a horrible story and I understand that it's even worse because it's relatively nearby you.

Kind of like the story in the last few days out of the Chicago area -- the father who supposedly was shot by his wife as he rearranged the luggage strap on his SUV -- and as he ran away for help -- leaving the kids in the car -- the mother supposedly shot and killed each of the three kids, then took her own life.

The story didn't make sense... and then, this weekend, the father was arrested, at his family's funeral, as the actual shooter.

These horrible stories make you wonder, though: What can make someone do this?

Dr. Deb said...

I sorta kinda knew it'd be him. But my armchair analysis and statistics lead me to that conclusion.

Sad story.