Sunday, November 19, 2006

Grand Rounds Deadline

If you haven't heard already, where the hell have you been all week? I'm hosting Grand Rounds in just two days (ek!). Grand Rounds is a blog carnival with the best that the medical blogosphere has to offer. It will make you laugh; it will make you cry; it will make you come back for more.

The deadline for submissions is less than 12 hours from now. So, if you haven't started writing your medical related post yet, you have a little time - sheesh! Submission guidelines are right here. The deadline is 11:59pm eastern time, November 19, 2006. Not one minute more. You have been warned!

We have had 500 submissions already! Well, not really. That would really drive me nuts, wouldn't it? Working this weekend has been ok. Being on call the weekend, is always crazy, but I think I've been able to keep up with things ok.

Thanks so much to my friend Mimi Lenox (of peace globe and meme collector fame!) over at Mimi Writes. She gave a Grand Rounds plug on her blog today (welcome to all of you who clicked on over from Mimi's place). Feel free to make an announcement on your blog. The more the merrier on Tuesday!

Well, back to work. Congrats Ohio State Buckeyes who have the Best Damn Team in the Land with the Best Damn Band in the Land. Onward to the National Championship game. Doesn't make sense to me that the game is 50 days from now. But, oh well...

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Go Irish!

I had to do it, I just had to!