Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds 3.7 is up and running at MSSP Nexus Blog. Here's my contribution:

Dr. Anonymous joins the Walmart Free Antibiotics discussion and reminds docs to have the courage to 'just say no' to unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions, and patients to hold back their wrath if you don't get the prescription you were hoping for.

Check it out! It is the best the medical blogsosphere has to offer. Next week, Grand Rounds will be hosted by The Rumors Were True. That is an interesting blog, if you haven't already had the chance to check it out.

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Fat Doctor said...

The flu shot thing is so frustrating to me. At my med center, all the departments go in together to order shots in the Spring to be delivered that Fall. One department, a small one for which I serve as medical director, ordered 400 shots. It seems the med center gave away so many shots with their free flu shot day for the community that we are getting only 100 of those shots now. I called and griped, but nobody's scared of me. Yet. Just wait...Next year, we're gonna pay more and order all the freakin' shots we want. Take that, bureaucracy! Oh wait, the government probably won't be able to make enough shots next year, my plan foiled. Sigh.