Monday, November 06, 2006

The Fly

Remember this annoying movie starring Jeff Goldblum in the mid-80s? Like many other of his movies, he plays an annoying scientist guy. But in this movie, his character's genetic makeup accidentally gets combined with that of a fly. Why am I telling you this? Because this is what I thought of when I read this next story.

Apparently, St. Georges Hospital in south London has become infested with flies. Yes, flies. (Guardian) Apparently, this has been going on for at least three months - and the hospital knew about it! Sheesh!
A hospital spokesman said: "We have had a problem with small flies in the unit recently and suspect it has to do with recent building work nearby. Our engineers and cleaners have been trying to identify the source of the problem and we hope to have eliminated it very soon. We would like to apologise to any patient who has been worried by it."
And, some people in this country would like the British model of medical care to come here? Can you imagine receiving dialysis three days a week for three months and knowing that you're going to see flies? What an odd situation.


Anonymous said...

ewwww. i'll take an american hospital thank you very much... bee

Pieces of Mind said...

Well, I dunno... The local hospital here had an issue with pigeons a few years ago. They were nesting under the roof and the sidewalk below was covered with droppings. :(

Janet said...

If flies are all he sees in a dialysis unit he is having a pretty good day. Gross!

Anonymous said...

We've got so much flies here in australia during summer!!