Monday, November 29, 2010

Germs And Kids

Everyone knows that when it comes to germs and kids, it sometimes can be difficult to limit the spread of infection - especially in the day care setting. In the video above, I talked with local TV news last week about this topic and also the topic of trying to prevent infection in college students during finals week. If you find the above video helpful, I invite you to check out my other videos over at MikeSevilla.TV. Enjoy!


José María Souza Costa said...

Verry interessant blog

commoncents said...

NICE POST! I'm glad I found this blog!!

Common Cents

Cartoon Characters said...

Advocating "chicken pox parties"?? Irresponsible. The latest information doesn't encourage this. Immunization is the best defense. Even if there is "breakthrough" illness, we are trying to prevent the most severe illnesses such as meningitis etc...the deaths from chickenpox may be a small number, but even one PREVENTABLE death is too many.