Friday, December 04, 2009

Show 131 Wrap-up

Thanks to much to Dr. Lisa for being my guest on Doctor Anonymous Show 131. We had a great conversation covering thinks like how she came to choose neonatology as a career, advances that have been made in the field of neonatology, and a recent trip to Mongolia. She has the blog "Call Me Dr. Lisa: Taking Life And Running With It."

We also discussed her life as a patient with liposarcoma in the ankle. She describes this vividly in her blog called "The Tale Of My Left Foot: My Journey Dealing With Liposarcoma In The Ankle." As I have heard from so many other people, the internet has made it possible for people with similar or the same disease conditions to create support networks - to show that there are other people out there with your disease - in this case - cancer.

Following the interview with Dr. Lisa, I talked a little about the blog post written by our good friend Dr. Rob entitled, "Real Life" in which he stated that he is taking a little break from blogging and social media for a while. I can definitely relate to that. You can listen to Show 131 in the player above. Or, if you like, you can download the show and listen anytime by clicking here. Also check out the video post above. Thanks for your continued support for the show!