Monday, September 07, 2009

Show 115 Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who were able to check out Doctor Anonymous Show 115 on Saturday. I talked about a news story that is interesting locally here - namely, the release from federal prison of former Congressman James Traficant. Interestingly enough, as of this posting, the article in our local newspaper has 1972 comments on the article describing his release.

Just yesterday, he gave his first public speech, which can be seen above and was written about in our local newspaper. Still a polarizing figure, but it still seems as if this guy still has a lot of supporters around - and would like him to run again for public office. We'll see if his supporters follow him to the ballot box.

The rest of Show 115 has me talking about a number of other current event news stories from the week. It was only a 45 minute show, as I really started to run out of gas near the end, and I didn't want to drag things out any further. You can listen to the show above in the player. Or, as always, you can click here, download the show, and listen to it anytime. Hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend!

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OHN said...

Traficant is a character if nothing else. I am surprised how many people are still rallied around him. One thing is certain, he is most defiantly not going to fade into the background.