Monday, April 02, 2007

Blogcast number 4

A little bit different post today. Yes, I'm trying audioblogging again. I'm still calling it a blogcast, but I'm not that happy with the name. It's not really a podcast. I've heard podcasts, and this audio file is not as good as some podcasts out there.

Anyway, there's no medicine in this blogcast today. I talk about blogging, specifically, my challenge in trying to keep the blog fresh and not stale with the same ideas/format.

Here's the question I pose on the blogcast: What do you do to keep from getting blog burnout? Take a blog break? Post on different subjects? Sometimes start an entirely new blog?

I close my blogcast by mentioning two of my favorite podcasts. My Three Shrinks: Great information and great banter. I can't wait for the next podcast. The Dashing MD: He's a surgeon in training on the west coast of the US. He has interesting patient stories.

Just FYI, the audio file itself is about 6MB to download and it is in MP3 format. Enjoy! Here's the link to Blogcast #4.


Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on why you blog. If you are blogging to be entertaining, the the pressure is there to be entertaining. If you are blogging because you have something to say...then you will blog when something witty, clever, thought provoking or interesting comes along to blog. If you are blogging because you want a chronicle of your life at this moment...then the things you write about will be those things you want to put out there for people to read concerning your life.

The answer to your question seems to perhaps be in why do you blog at all? I have found just blogging for myself (knowing people are out there reading, yet not really writing for them) to the glory of God releases me from the pressures of having to constantly post something there. That's just me though. Blessings, Muddy

coaster1robert said...

Well sounded good,your older podcast,where louder,then your new one. The record levels should be a little higher,other then that your podcast was interesting. Robert

Dr. A said...

Muddy, Thanks for your thoughts. I've been thinking about making the audioblogs a little more introspective. That would be interesting to me, but maybe not anyone else. But, who cares? It's my blog.

Robert, Thanks for the feedback. I'm using a new microphone and new software for this audioblog verses the previous three. I'll make some modifications and please let me know the sound quality for the next one.