Sunday, April 15, 2007

The No Tag Zone

I know I'm going to offend some people out there in happy blog land, but I just have to be honest about something (and I know I can be honest with all of you being my blog friends and all).

But, this meme thing, and this "getting tagged" thing, it's really not as fun as it used to be (at least for me). I know that this may sound hypocritical, because I participated a lot in memes in the past. Heck, I even started a meme last December.

In the past few months, I responded but I have been tagging less and less people, and giving that generic "you're all tagged" message. But, now, I'm going to be honest and telling everyone that I'm taking a break from memes.

My apologies especially to the Queen of Memes and to everyone else who think I may just be having a temper tantrum here. Rather than just ignore future tags and memes, I just wanted to be up front and honest about where I stand with memes at this point.

I know other people out there agree with me on this one, even if you don't blog about it. Maybe some day in the future I'll come back to memes, being tagged, and tagging others to continue the fun. But, not right now....


Mimi Lenox said...

Queen says we all need a break from memes periodically. It can get to be overwhelming and drive your blog content, which is not the purpose. I do enjoy tagging and getting tagged but totally understand your point.

Have a great Thursday!

No said...

I was just about to do a "No Tag" zone today, and here you have one already! Need a really good picture to go with a sign with the word "no tag" or something stupid like that!