Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thanks Trisha from BlogHer!

Since I've been away from my blog for a little while, I haven't had the chance to write this gratitude post, so here goes....

Thanks so much to Trisha from BlogHer for linking not one but two of my posts over the past few weeks. She writes for their Health and Science News of the Week, and I was linked on their March 30, 2007 post and their April 6, 2007 post.

I very much appreciate being mentioned and appreciate the traffic that came my way from those postings. I tried e-mailing Trisha but somehow my messages were not getting through (I kept getting error messages).

I hope to keep writing interesting stuff for Trisha's readers so that I may have another opportunity to be included in their health and science news of the week. Thanks again!


valve said...

what is blogher???could you tell me?

Dr. A said...

Their motto is "Where the Women Bloggers Blog." You can click on the link in the post or go to for more information.