Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds 3.26 is now up an running at Blog, MD with my blog friend and colleague Sam Blackman, MD. He's a pediatric hematologist-oncologist which, to me, has to be a tough job. I tip my hat to you and your work. Thanks to Dr. Sam for including my post this week...
Dr. Anonymous, apparently more concerned with staying awake than going to sleep, reports on the news that the “pick me up” people feel when drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning may have more to do with stopping withdrawal symptoms than with the stimulant effects of caffeine.
If you don't know what Grand Rounds is, it is a weekly compilation of the best posts from the medical blogosphere that moves to different sites each week. And, who doesn't like reading about medicine and science? Next week, GR moves to Medviews.

Don't forget Pediatric Grand Rounds. Submit to Dr. Rob at Musings of a Distractible Mind. He has a grand total of five submissions as of this posting. So, show Dr. Rob some love and send him your pediatric post today!

Finally, I've been kind of laying low as far as the Grand Rounds thing and blog carnival thing over the past few weeks. I apologize to those hosts I snubbed with my lack of submissions. It wasn't anything personal against the hosts, I felt I wasn't writing anything really worthy of sharing, until recently.

Being posted on Grand Rounds is not a right, it's a privilege. So, I may not submit something every single week. If I think something I write is "grand rounds worthy," I'll submit for consideration. If I'm not happy with my writing (which is what's been happening the past few weeks), I won't submit. There are too many great writers out there in blogland for me to submit utter drivel. Anyway, that's a long explanation.

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Kim said...

As if you are capable of writing drivel!!!!! : D