Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heat Wave

For the first time in what seems a long time, the temperature has reached close to 70 degrees around here. Yay! I guess it's finally time to wash all that salt off my car from the wintertime.

I guess I have the guy above to thank for this heat wave. I mean it is global warming that is causing this today, isn't it. Yeah right! I mean, the guy did invent the internet after all. (Sorry, these funny jabs are just satire, you know.)

Anyway, looking ahead at the weather forecast, it's supposed to get back down in the 20's with snow showers by the weekend. So, today is the day to enjoy! Maybe I can even sneak out to the muddy golf course later. We'll see.

Finally, in the ongoing saga of my sitemeter (like anyone cares), here is the latest post from the The Sitemeter Weblog:
We’ve discovered as have many of you that not all the stats categories have updated since March 3rd. We have our tech team digging into the problem. When we have the problem identified and fixed we’ll post a notice here.

s25 is still lagging heavily [that's me]. This is also being addressed.

As always, we’re doing everything we can as quickly as we can. We understand the importance of timely stats, which is why we are also working on the development of a load balanced server system. Until we complete the new backend server configuration and can migrate everyone over we are faced with the reality of trying to manage individual server problems, traffic surges, and other unforeseen issues as they develop. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Even this message does not bother me today. Maybe I can even try to cut out of work early to enjoy what's left of the day. Pshaw! Like that'll happen. A guy can dream, can't he?

Don't forget to check out a relatively new section of the Doctor Anonymous blog: Dr. A's Video of the Day. Currently, it's at the top of my sidebar. I may change this video a few times a day, depending on what I find. But, "video of the moment" didn't sound as cool. Oh well...


Foofa said...

It's really nice here too but people are way too undressed for the actual temperatue.

Cathy said...

Oh Dr. A. It is so beautiful today! Dave and I have been out riding around and enjoying this wonderful weather all afternoon. Your right though..Suppose to snow again this weekend...March in Ohio! Everything goes.

Oh about that earlier post...I figured the reason your parents didn't want you to go away to OSU was just what you said it was....BTW, Mom's are ALWAYS right..:)

Stavanger said...

Temperature good around here too, I swear, the lake was frozen solid yesterday now ducks are swimming in it!