Thursday, March 27, 2008 Erased?

You think you're having a bad day? Here is what Fat Doctor twittered about half an hour ago.... (Don't you just love twitter?)

Fat Doctor FatDoctor Accidentally erased my whole blog. And I don't have a backup. No sense crying - it's not like a family member dying...or is it?

So, I'm putting the call out to all our friends in the medical blogger community and beyond. We simply cannot let this happen to one of our blog friends. I wish that I knew more about this stuff to help. But, alas, I do not. (I did know that google saves a cache of blog. For example, hers is here.)

I don't even know if I have an e-mail address for her. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions to try to help, leave a comment here and I/We will find a way to try to get them to her.

Of course, we'll be talking about this on the show tonight. If you have an idea, please call in and hopefully, we'll be able to bring back from wherever it's at! Let's join together and help out!

Update: FD has restarted her Blogger blog. Stop by and say hello!


Ian Furst said...

Hey FD -- I got you're back.
Go to they've taken snapshots of you're blog over the years.


Doc99 said...

ONly as far back as Aug 07.

This may help a little.

"FD": Fat Doctor said...


*Dab eyes*

*Cyberhug all of you*

Y'alls the bestest. Really. And I'm seriously thinking of moving back to my old blogger site. I even posted there yesterday. It felt...bizarre but very EASY.

I'm just not smart enough for Wordpress! Them's the truth.

So head over there and leave me a message - Blogger or put back up the wordpress thing if I can ever figure it out. Maybe, after a full bottle of wine...

Christian Sinclair, MD said...

use the google search for your blog and notable posts and then instead of clicking on the main link click on 'cached' I was able to get your blog updates as of 3/22.

Here is the link I did