Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dr. A Show Changes?

This morning, I, along with the rest of the BlogTalkRadio hosts (I presume) received the above message in our e-mail boxes this morning. The statement says that as of February 1, 2011, the free BTR accounts will significantly change. Free accounts will no longer be able to schedule in a prime time slot and can only have three audio files in your account (along with other changes). The writing has been on the wall for a while, but it looks like BTR is really taking the step to push everyone to paid accounts.

What will this mean for The Doctor Anonymous Show? I'm really considering just ending the show at the end of January after 200+ shows and 3+ years and looking at other projects. I mean it's been a good run. And, to be honest, the numbers have been trailing off in the past few months anyway. Most of the audience enjoyed the novelty of this type of show at first, but I think have now moved on. And, maybe I should, too.

But, I won't make any quick decisions without considering a lot of options. Maybe I should try going back to pre-recording podcasts and releasing them, instead of this live format. Or, maybe I should try to explore more with video type of interviewing instead of audio. Social media is great in that there are so many options out there. But, if you happen to read this post and have some feedback, I'd appreciate it if you let me know. I'll decide sometime in January what I'm going to be doing with the show...


MrRyanO said...

It's a shame. You have a great show! With so many free services out there it doesn't seem like a wise choice to push hosts into a pay model...

Anyway, I'll always be a fan and appreciate the entertainment that you bring to the world of social media.

A fan always,


DrV said...

DA - Sorry to hear about this. I tuned in when the topic piqued me and my kids weren't in the bath.

I think it has legs but you've only got so much bandwidth. Change is good. You need to do something with your voice since this medium seems to suit you.

Good luck. I'd be happy to talk as well.

Jay said...

Well there's always Talk Shoe. I guess there are others, but I haven't looked.

It's a real bummer that they're pushing the featured free shows out too. Doesn't really make that much sense.