Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dr. A on Eco Radio Network

I was invited to be a guest on the Eco Radio Network program which is out of the Albany, NY area. The topic I was asked to talk about is ailments associated with technology. You may remember I was interviewed a few months ago about this topic and I direct you to my blog post called AmEdNews: Technology Ailments for more information.

My segment will start at around 11:15am Eastern Time and you can listen to my short segment either on the Eco Radio Network website or the Talk1300AM live stream. This should be an interesting interview. When I talked with the producer, they were looking for someone to talk about this. They did a google search, and my name popped up.

They tell me that a podcast will eventually be released of the show. It's interesting because podcasts from this particular radio station are not available on iTunes. I had to hunt around for a little bit to find the radio podcast page to download stuff. I'll try to record the segment as well to post up on the blog. Hope you can check out my interview!

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