Friday, October 16, 2009

BlogWorld 09: HIPAA & Blogging

Yesterday, was the first ever Medblog Track at BlogWorld Expo. I have to admit that it was a surreal experience to actually meet in person the medbloggers that I have only known online in the past. One of the funny first experiences was that when we were first meeting up yesterday morning, we were actually identifying each other by our twitter IDs.

Each of the four panel discussions brought a unique perspective to the area of medicine and social media. The video above is only the first 7-8 minutes of the panel I was a part of called, "Staying on the Good Side of HIPAA: Safe & Ethical Blogging Practices." The entire session went over an hour.

So, I probably won't put the entire session up, but I wanted to share with you at least the beginning of this session. When I get home, I'll look through the rest of the footage and upload some other parts of the session. (YouTube only allows uploading 10 minutes at a time) I was also able to record little parts of other sessions and I'll upload them in the near future. But, for now, enjoy!


jthatcher79 said...

Cool stuff - I would actually be really interested in hearing the rest as HIPAA is such a confusing issue for most in the medical (and related to those in the medical field)

Unknown said...

Truly awesome.