Thursday, October 22, 2009

BWE09: Podmedic Interviews Dr. A

One of the people I was looking forward to meeting in person was Jaime Davis who is the founder of the ProMedNetwork of podcasts, of which I am a proud member. If you're looking for new medicine and science related podcasts to check out, I encourage you to check out

If you enjoyed this little banter in the video above, I encourage you to check out where I turn the tables and interview Jaime on The Doctor Anonymous show number 67. We talked about ProMedNetwork and other topics as well. As always, you can listen on the player above. Or, even download the show by clicking here and listen anytime. Enjoy!

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Jamie Davis, the Podmedic said...

One of the things I love most about running the network and being a podcaster/blogger is the people u have met from around the country and the world.

I hope the visitors here at the Dr. Anonymous show will check back here often because I'll be posting a few more videos with "Dr. Anonymous" and other Med Bloggers.