Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vijay's Medical Microblog

In case it went under your radar, Vijay who is the rocking radiologist from India and from the Scan Man's Notes blog - he started something that he calls "Medical Microblog." It's through a Wordpress template and it's basically what it says. It's not really Twitter blogging but not really full blogging either.

It was kind of curious to me in that I wanted to try out the Wordpress blogging app for the iPhone. The app works pretty good. And, for a long time, I have been thinking of changing the entire Doctor Anonymous blog over to Wordpress. When Vijay started the microblog, I said, "Yay, the next incarnation of the I'm A Blogaholic blog. If anyone remembers that."

So, great idea Vijay. Will I use the Medical Microblog? Not all the time, but it's an interesting new way to express yourself out here. But, for me, still the primary ways of written blogging will still be Twitter and this main blogger blog - at least for now...

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Anonymous said...

That's very cool and just might be a good way to revive the Blogaholic group--provided interest? I like the nice clean look too.

I was really happy when I imported my Blogger blog over to WP. Easily done with just one click of a mouse and everything stayed in tact. Unless you are using some widgets that are running java and such on a .com WP blog. A bit picky with the widgetry there.

If you're a bit more keen with CSS you can purchase an upgrade and maybe play around but that's out of my league.

Also, you can go the route and host it. That can be done via a service for a few dollars a month if you don't have a server/space yourself.

You probably know this already Dr. A. but for anyone else out there who is curious about WP.

Take care,

And yeah, way to go Vijay! I know you like playing with this stuff as I've seen your blog go through various incarnations.