Sunday, July 13, 2008

12 days until boards

Here's the update:

1. Had an unscheduled Doctor Anonymous Show 41 last week. It was a wrap-up of Podcamp Ohio. I told myself that I was actually going to have show notes done, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Had a great time (as usual) and afterward tried out ustream and even oovoo. Fun!

2. Board study update: My strategy is to do a lot of questions, and I think that it's working. At least for me, a lot of this "thing" I have with exams is a confidence level. And, I think that my confidence level is improving. About 10 days left.

3. On call this weekend: One of the good things about summer around here is that the hospital is not that busy (Oh great, I just jinxed myself now). But, as of Sunday night, things have been going ok.

4. Home internet down Saturday: This was really frustrating, let me tell ya. You probably know what I'm talking about. But, I actually had to find something else to do other than check my Twitter. Actually, it was good for me, because I had a good day studying and focusing Saturday.

5. New Gadget: As you can see from the video above, I got a new gadget. It's a really small video camera called The Flip Mino. It's really fun, and the video quality is not bad. I've been shooting some stuff this weekend, and may even put it on my viddler site soon.

6. Soccer Camp: As some of you may know, I'm the team doc for our boys high school soccer team. On Thursday of this week, I'm going to camp with these guys. Can you believe that? I've been doing this for the past couple of summers or so, and it's a blast! We're staying on campus, and hopefully the dorm where I'm at will have Wi-Fi so I can continue to post stuff. At least, I'll try to record with the new cam and share the experience with you.

7. New MedBlogger: Finally, I wanted to point out a blog that I just started reading. How I stumbled onto it was that this guy subscribed to my Twitter feed (the power of twitter - hehe). The blog is called The Scut Report by JSE Booth who is a fourth year medical student. Great stories over there. So, check it out and tell 'em that Dr. A sent ya! That's it for now!


Mary said...

I'm upset that I missed the show! That was the day that I went to six flags. -insert heavily sarcastic rant about not being able to leave when I wanted to resulting in me not being able to make it in time for the show-

Aaaaanyway. Enjoy your new toy! :)

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

I want one!

Mimi Lenox said...

Good luck on the boards! And kudos for coaching at camp. What a great role model for them.