Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thanks Nick for Grand Rounds!

Dr. Nick Genes announced on his mighty Blogborgymi blog that he is passing on the Grand Rounds tradition to Colin Son and Dr. Val Jones. Nick and I have talked about this before. He is getting through his Chief Resident year in Emergency Medicine which is a huge time commitment and very busy job. And, at some point, it kind of made sense to pass on GR to the next generation of medical students and residents. It's only fitting that GR does that.

This post is just to thank Nick for all the work that he has done to bring medical blogging - something I call now new media medicine - to more prominence. He continues to be my inspiration that one person can make a difference. One person can try to gather people of a common interest together to share stories and important medical information with one another.

Even though my participation in GR has significantly decreased in the last few months, I still enjoy glancing through the posts week after week and finding new blogs to read. I have "met" so many people in this process and consider some of the people I have met as close friends even though I may not even have "met" these people in person.

So, if you haven't yet, leave a comment on Nick's blog post saying "Thanks!" Or, even better, write your own post tribute to Nick and to the origins of Grand Rounds, or even how you came to find Grand Rounds. I'm not a big fan of memes but a "Thanks Nick" meme would be great to resonate around the circles of new media medicine. GR is in great hands with Colin and Val as they take Grand Rounds to the next level. I hope to be writing GR posts again soon, and maybe even taking a crack at hosting again.

Nick made three appearances on The Doctor Anonymous Show. The first was on November 8, 2007 right before I hosted GR and had a live premiere of GR on a special Monday night show. The second was on January 10, 2008 to talk about the Medgadget Medblog Awards. And, the third time was on January 20, 2008 as the polls were closing for the awards. I encourage you to check those shows out. Thanks so much Nick and Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I had no idea he was handsome,too! [blush] : D

Nice tribute!