Friday, June 13, 2008

Show 38 Wrap-up

As I suspected, my scheduled guests did not show up for The Doctor Anonymous Show 38 (Don't forget to rate the show over there). But, I wasn't surprised by that. So, instead, I was happy to have people calling in and saying hello. (see video post above) First, I wanted to thank David Porter from the Center for Reducing Health Disparities and we talked about the website that he works on and the idea of health disparities in general.

Next, Angelo Mandato from PodcampOhio called in and we talked about how he got involved in the idea and the concept of podcamp. He has done a great job organizing the entire event. If you are anywhere in the midwestern United States - specifically Ohio - you have to try to get down to Columbus, Ohio for this gathering. We'll talk about all things new media like blogs, podcasts, video blogging, social networking, twitter, and so much more.

Finally, before all the technical problems occurred, Chris Seper from called into the show. Thanks so much to him and the website for writing an article about me and for featuring the show in their sidebar. We had a great conversation about how the site is a great source of information about NE Ohio health issues and beyond. I'm really hoping to meet some of my NE Ohio blog/website colleagues in the future like Chris, David, and maybe even Buckeye Doctor who tuned into the show again tonight - thanks for that.

Then, the technical problems started. I won't bore you with the details. But, I wanted to thank the chat room again for hanging with me through that. I know that some were able to listen to me for the final moments of the show and some were not. Hopefully, blogtalkradio will be able to fix these problems so that I can have smooth shows again.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of the evening occurred after the blogtalkradio show. Just to try things out, I put the camera back on and activated my account. We had a little "dance party" for about an hour after the show. I do have a little video on my ustream site to check out. Thanks to all those who joined the ustream party last night.

I think what I'll do is have another ustream "party" on Saturday, June 14th (Flag Day in the USA) at around 9pm eastern time. And, we'll do the same thing. People were telling me to get some "real" music. So, if you have a request, put it in the comments below and I'll do my best to try to find it. We'll do an hour or so, because I don't want to miss one of my fave blogtalkradio shows. So, have a great weekend, everybody, and maybe we'll see you Sat nite!


Mary said...

I didn't know that Ohio was in the Midwest. I considered it closer to the east than anything else. Yeah, get some decent music.

Bowie- Changes
Bowie- John, I'm only dancing
Bonnie Tyler- Total Eclipse of the heart
Bob Seger- Old Time Rock and Roll
Rod Stewart- Maggie May
Rod Stewart- Reason to believe
Billy Joel- lots of it
James Taylor- lots of it

Ohhh, and Rod Stewart- Do ya think I'm sexy
that's a funny one.

Good job with the Queen.

We could use a touch more Annie Lennox and a tad bit more Micheal Buble would be pretty decent.

I got in trouble last night by them old folks for suggesting Dan Balan- Crazy Loop. Lol, just letting you know what lead to all the ruckus. I'll not be suggesting any bands no one has heard of anymore!

All in all, it was a pretty awesome time! So there you have some suggestions for music.

I'll totally be there for the next
Dr Anonymous Dance Party!!

AAAAANND- I love the hat hair.

Dreaming again said...

m3 you're going to get demoted to
m2 if you don't quit calling us 'old folks'!

Dreaming again said...

Completely agree with James Taylor and Billy Joel ..although, not sure how Billy Joel would go for a dance party.

Dreaming again said...

My list (any guesses to the band I'll name? LOL)

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Proud Mary
Bad Moon Rising
Down On The Corner
Suzy Q
Cotton Fields
Have you ever seen the rain
Heard it through the grapevine
Up around the bend
Travelin Band

Just to name a few ....