Friday, June 20, 2008

Show 39 Wrap-up

Thanks to Dr. David Loeb from Doctor David's Blog: Musings of a Pediatric Oncologist. (see video post above) The topic of cancer in kids is sometimes an awkward to talk about. Thanks to Dr. David for being up front and honest about talking about these issues. I very much appreciate his candor in talking about this stuff. If you haven't already, check out Show 39 of The Doctor Anonymous Show (and don't forget to rate the show!).

Following the interview, I shared some news stories and I'll add those links up on this post a little bit later. Thanks to The Medical Quack for calling into the show and saving me from myself. It's really tough to talk to yourself for 30 minutes to close the show. I really appreciate her promoting the show and talking about the show on her blog. If you haven't check it out yet, I encourage you to click on over to her blog called The Medical Quack.

Following the show, I had a request to go over to my Ustream "channel" again and broadcast over there for a bit. I was up there for about 10 minutes talking about the show and hanging out with my blog friends. Thanks so much to those who followed the after show.

I'm also thinking about trying out stickam to broadcast something similar. What's interesting about that site is that up to six people with laptop cams (or a video cam in general) can broadcast at the same time - so everybody sees everybody else. So, maybe I'll try that sometime.

Finally, I again wanted to thank everybody for your well wishes for my 2nd Blogiversary. I continue to be humbled every day by those who continue to stop by, read my blog, leave comments, listen to the show, call in to the show, and being a part of my blogging life. Thanks to all of you who support me and keep me doing this. I am eternally grateful. Thank you!


Mary said...

Yeah, stickam did look pretty cool! It inspired me to set up a seperate e-mail for all my "medi-medi-mail" lol. We do have lots of fun hanging out with you after the show! Last night's show was amazing! I'm proud of the show going without any technical difficulties! So when's our next dance party?? Also- let's try out that stickam stuff soon! It's gotten me excited!

Doctor David said...

It was a pleasure being your guest, Dr. A. I'll come back any time you'd like.