Friday, January 11, 2008

Dr. A Show 19: Epilogue

Thanks so much to Nick Genes for coming onto the show. We had to beg someone to call in to talk to us. And, thankfully, Enrico called in. The funny part was that we talked for about another 45 minutes after that. The total length of the show was two hours - YEESH!

But, it was a very good time. We did talk about the Medgadget Weblog Awards. Nick talked about the qualities of a good medical blog. We even talked about some funny "gag" awards or parody awards. What do you think would be funny gag awards that would compliment the real awards? Leave a comment here.

We also talked about our predictions for the medical blogosphere for 2008. I agree with Nick that medical issues may have a significant impact on the US presidential race. Blogging for political campaigns and other intersections of the blogosphere and politics - this is an interesting prediction for 2008. Then, somewhere in there, I had my obligatory technical glitch (Thanks BlogTalkRadio!)

We also talked about sponsorship of blogs - particularly medical blogs. Does this affect the integrity of the blog? The chat room definitely had something to say about this. My personal opinion is that, at this point, I would feel uncomfortable putting advertisements on my blog. This will be a great topic to talk with Kevin next week. Probably the only thing I would consider at this point would be maybe receiving a free book from an author, possibly interview them for the show, and then give the book away as a prize to a caller or someone in the chat room. Even this, this is a maybe.

I don't even remember everything else that happened. I have to listen to the entire thing again to see what I actually said. But, this was definitely a good time and I'm glad that I'm back doing the show again. Thanks to all who listened and participated in the chat room. Oh yeah, I tried out a live feed and it worked! I'll probably be trying that more in the future. Have a great weekend, everybody!


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I am so much an archive listener for you..the timing just does not seem to cooperate...sorry

Mimi Lenox said...

I definitely need to catch up with your show, Doctor. Sounds great!

You've been tagged The Queen of Memes. Long live the dungeon.
No Autographs Please - The Band Meme

HP said...

I'd love to catch the show but I'm not sure my enthusiasm stretches to the wee hours of the morning!

It certainly sounds great.

Dr. A said...

HP: That's the beauty of listening to the archived show. It's almost as fun as live!