Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dr. A on the road: Day 3

I finally go home later today - YAY! Since, there is no radio show this week, I (kind of) substituted this with the video post above (even with my phrase, "Beyond the Blog" included. This is also a video I'm including in the Viddler "Me Today" group.

The travel day was surprisingly calm and efficient on yesterday. As I remarked in yesterday's post, I thought that we would definitely have problems going into and/or getting out of Chicago. Fortunately, the weather cooperated, and I think we arrived in Cincinnati on time.

After a quick break at the hotel, our group went to dinner at a place called Newport on the Levee which is actually on the "Kentucky" side of Cincinnati. The restaurant was called Mitchell's Fish Market - excellent food. Great food and great company. That complex looks relatively newly built. I wish I had more time tonight to explore more of that place. Oh well, maybe another time.

One more site visit this morning. It'll only be a quick visit, and then the journey home. The last hurdle will be traveling through Chicago O'Hare one more time this week. On day one, the delays were frustrating. On day three, there were no delays. What will happen today?


OHN said...

Hi Dr. must be feeling better if you are eating good food :) I bet you are a bit travel weary. As Dorothy said,,,"there is no place like home".

BTW-love the music in the background...we couldn't even see your fingers moving! ;)

Anonymous said...

It's Thursday night... I'm in Dr. A show withdrawal! What's the treatment for that? :)

coaster1robert said...

Mitchells Fish Market Ok?,Columbus own.Sorry to hear you got sick,nasty bugs out there. Robert