Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dr. A on the road: Day 2

I recorded this quick video this morning before leaving the hotel. (See video above) I apologize up front, because since I have little time this morning, the video quality may not be that great. I had to sacrifice quality for time, so the images may not be as clear as previous videos. When I get to my final destination today, I'll may re-encode the video and may re-post it later.

Anyway, I know people are curious about my comments about the electronic medical record. In talking with these people from our site visit yesterday. I have a little better understanding of kind of what happened. Initially, the marketing on EMR was similar to other computer products - computers will make the life of a doctor easier and will save time.

Well, that may not necessarily be the case, at least initially. There is definitely a learning curve, and it may take more time to see a patient than just using paper. And, until you really learn the system, it may make things much more complicated than what you were used to previously. So, now, I definitely have a better understanding of the physician backlash to this thing.

They gave me more to think about as I journey onward to the next hospital. If we ever get to our next destination today, the next visit will be a quick visit tomorrow. Then, finally, back home tomorrow night. Of course, you can keep track of my travel pains through My Twitter Feed. And, maybe I'll have another video post tomorrow morning. Thanks again for all of your comments and e-mails the last couple of days. Talk to you later!

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OHN said...

Dr. A...good video. You are right there are many benefits (from a patient standpoint) to having EMR.I think you will still have a lot of physician's dragging their feet though. Has the cost come down to a reasonable level for a single physician practice?

Hope you are feeling better..there is nothing worse than being sick when you are "on the road".