Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Grand Rounds 4.08 Announcements

Before I give you the posting guidelines/rules, I have a few of announcements. First of all, given the writers strike, I'm happy to report that Grand Rounds 4.08 will still go on as previously scheduled. Yay!

The one and only Dr. Nick Genes himself will be making an appearance on the Doctor Anonymous internet radio program on Thursday, November 8th, 2007 at 10pm Eastern Time.
Have you ever wanted to ask Nick a question before? Well, here is your chance. You can join us in the live chat room that happens during the show as well. Mark your calendars now! Check back here later in the week for more details.

Secondly, right before I officially post GR 4.08, there will be a special Grand Rounds Premiere Show on Doctor Anonymous Live. This will take place Monday, November 12th, 2007 beginning at 11:30pm eastern time.
I'll be talking about how it is to be a host for Grand Rounds. I'll also be talking about my vacation (I'll be in Arizona for the show). And, at the stroke of midnight eastern time, I will be posting GR 4.08 for all to see. Isn't that exciting? A live premiere will be a definite first in Grand Rounds history. 
In case you haven't read them in a while, you can read the general GR guidelines written by Nick himself - click here. As far as GR 4.08, there is no theme. However, I do enjoy reading good medical stories. I talked about that in my last year's post. Also, in order for me to keep things organized, I'd appreciate if you could make your submissions using the following format:

Post Name:
Post URL:
One line description:

The deadline will be 11:59 pm eastern standard time on Sunday, November 11th, 2007. I will be selecting what I think are the best five of the week and place them at the top of the post.

For the rest of the GR 4.08 post, I will be posting them in chronological order of when they appear in my e-mail box (presuming I think they are appropriate for GR). I hope this encourages you to send me your link early. The style will be similar to the Kevin, MD anniversary edition. Send all posts to doctoranonymousblog at gmail dot com. Please place "GR 4.08" in the subject line.

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