Monday, November 26, 2007

Doctor SWAT

I'm back from my blog break! Thanks to everyone who sent me all the supportive e-mails and comments. Nice to know I was missed, but, now, I'm back...

People may not believe that I'm old enough to remember this tv show from the 70s. But, you betcha I remember the TV show SWAT. The intro is above on a youtube clip. One of the most memorable tv themes - ever.

Apparently, now docs are being a part of these SWAT teams. How cool is that? In this AbcNews article, Dr. Alex Eastman's day job is a surgeon at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. But, in his spare time (hehe), he is part of the Dallas SWAT team (cue music). He wears a bulletproof vest and the whole thing.
Having a doctor along can mean the difference between life and death when a cop is shot. Police Lt. Carlton Marshall is living proof. Marshall was shot in the neck during a raid Oct. 17.

Within minutes of hearing "officer down!" Eastman and his partner, Dr. Jeff Metzger, went to work. Metzger held the officer's head while Eastmen performed an emergency tracheotomy, cutting a hole in the officer's neck to allow him to breathe.
Now, with the writers strike still going on in Hollywood and New York, here's an idea for a new television show. Watch Doctor SWAT on Thursday night right before The Doctor Anonymous Show. Dr. Eastman and Dr. Metzger play "good doc" and "bad doc" - Fighting crime and saving lives at the same time. Tune in Thursday night for Doctor SWAT (cue music).


Rositta said...

Greetings, I'm old enough to remember that show too. I quite liked it...ciao

Travis Cody said...

I loved this show! I was always TJ when we played SWAT.

That's pretty cool that docs are on the teams.