Thursday, September 06, 2007

Listen Live Today @ 4pm

Listen Live

Doctor Anonymous Live! Sept 6th (today!) from 4-4:30pm Eastern Time

I usually try to rehearse for the show with a kind of "test" podcast. But, with my busy schedule this week, I haven't had time to do that. So, this will definitely be a fun show today!

You can also participate in the show! That's one of the fun things about this. I'm going to be logged into google talk before the show. So, if you'd like to say hi before/during the show, you can find me there. You can also send me an e-mail or leave a comment here. Finally, the fun part is that you can call into the show. Just click here for the number.

Can't listen live? Well, that's ok. One of the cool things about BlogTalkRadio is that they record their shows so that you can listen to them later. Starting at about 5pm eastern time, you can click here and listen to the recorded show.

It's just a few hours away now. I hope that you'll be able to join me - either live or listening on the archives. What am I going to talk about? Who knows? You'll have to tune in to find out. I'm just a blogaholic, you know....

Update: Thanks to Cathy for the plug for today's show!

Update 2 (3:15pm): My internet connection just came back after being off for 30 minutes. Hopefully that won't happen again. If it does, then there may be no show for today. Cross your fingers for me!

Update 3 (4:18pm): I give up! My internet has kicked me off about five times in the last 18 minutes. Thanks to all of you who tuned in today to the show. But, for whatever reason, I don't think it was meant to happen today. I'll try again soon for another show.....


AtriaBooks said...

Way to lose your connection right when you were plugging my show!!! :)

Mother Jones RN said...

Bummer! I was looking forward to your show.


Chrysalis said...

Hey! Aren't you supposed to ask permission before airing that? (you little stinker...) I'm just teasing you. Good thing I like you.;)

I'm sorry there were technical difficulties for you. You'll work the bugs out and it will be great.