Thursday, September 20, 2007

Listen Live Today @ 3pm

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Thursday, September 20, 2007 from 3:00-3:30 Eastern Time

Something came up today in my schedule that almost made me cancel the show. But, I managed to work it out. The only thing is I had to move the show to an hour earlier at 3pm ET. If you're able to listen live, even with the time change, I invite you to check things out on the new BlogTalkRadio group chat room.

I apologize for throwing off the time for the live show. Hopefully, you'll at least be able to catch Doctor Anonymous Live on the archive. You can even listen to the archived show right here in the sidebar about an hour after the live show is completed. I'm still trying to find a consistent date and time for the show. I've been told that the same day and time is one of the best ways to try to build an audience. Enjoy the show!

Update (1:15pm ET): The BlogTalkRadio site is currently down. Why is that? So, maybe there may not be a show today anyway. This is starting to feel like two weeks ago when the show was messed up because of technical difficulties. We'll have to see what happens in the next hour or so.

Update (1:38pm ET): In looking at the above graphic, they say that they will be back up and running 9/17 which was three days ago. This graphic was from Sunday night when they had scheduled maintenance until the next morning. 

Now, there is the graphic below. That's telling me that there is something wrong going on and it's probably going to be an extended period of time. I'll keep checking things out, but it's looking more likely that there will be no show today. Yeesh! I think I'm cursed for a Thursday afternoon show. Maybe it's time to consider moving the show to an evening prime time slot - and maybe on a different night. Ahhhh!

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