Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blogaholics Anonymous

Hello, I'm Dr. A, and I'm a blogaholic... Here's a question: Is it possible to tag yourself? (Insert joke here.) Anyway, in catching up on my bloglines, I was over at The Granola Rules and she got tagged by the latest meme to circulate the blogosphere. Title of the meme: What does blogging mean to me?

With everything going on lately (at least in my circle of bloggers), I figured, why not have a BA meeting and go through these questions! Now, BA meetings are only for those addicted to blogging (see my sidebar for details). If you're not, then this post is not for you - except if you're in denial of your blogging addiction - HA! Since, I'm hosting the meeting, I'll answer the questions first.

1) Are you happy/satisfied with your blog's content and look?
Uh, since day one of my blog, I've been obsessed with my sidebar and I have kept adding things to it. If people have cool sidebar stuff, please let me know (am I allowed to say that at a BA meeting?) As far as the content, I've been asked if I know any receipes and I can affirmatively say NO! (I'm not a cook, I only play one on TV) HA!

2) Does your family know about your blog?
Are you kidding? No way. Even if they did know, they wouldn't find it interesting. I don't talk a lot about my family in my blog. Not that I have a problem with talking about your family, I just choose not to.

3) Do you feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog? Do you consider it a private thing?
I presume this means your non-blog friends. I've been struggling with this question since I started. I guess I'm still of the mind set that it is a private thing. I've had some of my blog friends try to get me out of my shell to reveal myself, and I've been hesitant. Still thinking about my "semi"-anonymous status.

4) Did blogging cause positive changes in your thoughts?
I have no idea what this question even means. I'm glad I started blogging and I'm glad that I'm continuing. There were times when I considered stopping. But blogging definitely fills a need I have to express myself and connect with other people.

5) Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or do you love to go and discover more by yourself?
When I first started, I loved discovering blogs on my own - mainly by hitting the "Next Blog" button to see where I have ended up. Now, that my blogroll and my bloglines have increased, I've had less time to randomly stroll around the blogsosphere. I miss that.

6) What does a visitor counter mean to you? Do you like having one on your blog?
Great question. Yes, I do have a counter. I'm very competitive, and I have to admit that I'm jealous of those of you out there who have hundreds and hundreds of hits a day. I'm resigned to the fact that I will probably always be a Slimy Mollusc and will always be around 100000 on Technorati. But, I come back to telling myself that I do not blog for rankings or popularity. I blog for myself. If I lose sight of that, then that's the time for me to stop.

7) Did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?
I know fellow bloggers imagine me *waving at wolfbaby*. But, seriously, I have not given a real picture out, yet (see question 3 above)

8) Admit it. Do you think there is any real benefit in blogging?
Of course there is, or else none of us would be doing it. I tell people blogging is like putting a podium in the public square and speaking your thoughts. People can choose to listen, or not. People can choose to interact with you, or not. But, in a way, you feel like you're heard by someone, and that's comforting.

9) Do you think that blogger's society is isolated from the real world or interaction with events?
I think bloggers are part of the world in general. Do some bloggers choose to isolate themselves from current events? Yes, but some non-bloggers isolate themselves as well.

10) Does criticism annoy you or do you feel it's a normal thing?
I think I criticise myself more than anyone else. I don't know why, but I've gotten that feedback my entire life, "Don't be so hard on yourself." Criticism is normal and necessary. It just has to be constructive and not destructive.

11) Do you fear some political blogs and avoid them?
I don't fear political blogs, but I do avoid them. Especially now, politics is not about ideas and vision and leadership. Politics now is about total obliteration of a person's character and reputation. That's why the people who should be in politics to change things for the better - they avoid politics, and that's very sad.

12) Were you shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?
Technically, I was not arrested, I was only questioned. Just kidding. Were bloggers arrested? I did not hear of that.

13) What do you think will happen to your blog after you die?
I think it will be at the Library of Congress for future generations to study and learn from. Yeah right. I don't know what will happen to me tomorrow, let alone about my blog after I die.

14) What song do you like to hear? What song would you like to link to on your blog?
My Way but sung by Elvis Presley

15) The next "victims"?
I'm not going to tag anyone. This is a good set of questions. Blog about it if you like, or just comment on my answers. Thanks for stopping by!


NeoNurseChic said...

Love it! And I'll blog on this - and comment on this more - but maybe tomorrow! My schedule is totally insane right now, and I would like to try to get some sleep tonight if I can stop my brain from running through the endless list of things I still need to get done in the next week!

Thanks for picking back up and having a BA meeting. I said this in the comment on your previous post, but I'll try my best to host a BA meeting from England. I won't know for sure if I can do this until I get there and see what our plans are, if I can steal Helen's computer from her for a few hours, etc...

Carrie :)

Anonymous said...

Nice list. I love the idea of a BA meeting. I think I'm willing to admit that I'm BA, but I'm not ready to admit that it's a problem yet. My rationale is that I'm making money doing it.

Anyway, I did want to mention that if you like the side bar in this inept blogger, you should upgrade to a real blogging software. If you still don't want to pay for a web host then at least move your blogger blog to wordpress.com It's free and your sidebar will become that much more addicting. They have sidebar widgets. Not to mention 30 other reasons that Wordpress is better than blogger.

Keep up the good addiction.

the granola said...

Hey, I liked your answers. Interesing what blogging is to all of us, eh?

Frankly, I'm jealous of you. I think your blog gets more hits than both of mine together.

Anonymous said...

Ya know what i Like about you besides your good looks and good sense of humor????

you don't care if were professionals or not.. so cool.. one of the many good traits about you doc..

Tagging yourself is the fun part *grin*...Your funny.. have a good day..

*wolfbaby waves back at handsome McDreamy*

Dream Mom said...

Love it!

Dr. A said...

emr/hippa, Thanks for the info about wordpress. Many people have wanted me to switch over there, for the reasons you've stated and more. Maybe one day...

Anonymous said...

Oh Dr. A. this is a really good BA post. I am going to blog about this but it will be later this evening when I have my answers up. I'll be back later to comment on your answers also.

katy said...

very good yes i will come out I AM A BA just love dropping by on all these great blog sites

Marsha said...

I've been trying to figure out HOW to add pics and graphics to the side bar to no avail....I feel like I'm running in circles. Can you help me out with the location of those 'magic' buttons?
Much appreciated.

Dr. A said...

Her Indoors, welcome to Blogaholics Anonymous. The first step is always admitting the problem. Don't forget to put yourself on the BA map, if you haven't yet.

Hi Marsha, Thanks for stopping by today. Actually, it took me a long time to figure out my sidebar. It means going into your dashboard and into your blog template and looking into all that code. If you have limited experience looking at the template, then things may get a little complicated. Unfortunately, there is no one button press thing to put a picture or graphics into the side bar. Sorry.

From what I hear, the new blogger beta is a little more straight forward in adding things into the sidebar. I'm not on the blogger beta yet. But for those who are, let me know if working with the sidebar is any easier. Thanks!

Artemis said...

Nicely done; but don't sell yourself short -- those of us who are beneath slimy molluscs are envious of your success!

Penrick said...

Perfect blog - I wrote about my blogitis a couple days ago. I have to let people know to check this out.

Dr. A said...

Thanks Penrick for the plug on your site. I really appreciate it!

katy said...

i have put myself on the map and ta for the visit have linked you back

Mo and The Purries said...

Hi, My Name Is Morgen
and I'm a Blogaholic

I came here via Penrick's site.

I'll be back for more Dr.A!!

Anonymous said...

With Blogger Beta working on the sidebar is MUCH easier. You do not ever have to go into the template to add links or HTMLs on your sidebar. You have a page of elements with all the options for adding links, HTMLs or etc...You just click whatever button you want and paste what you want on there and it appears on the sidebar. It couldn't be easier.

Kirsten said...

My name is Kirsten and I'm a Blogaholic. I too found you through Penrick's site. I have to do laundry now because I have no more clean underwear, but I will be back later tonite to read more of your stuff and tag myself (I did that way back in March when I was new to blogging and didn't know you got those questions by being "tagged").

I think I have a pretty cool sidebar, check it out. Just click on anything or ask me for the source. A decent knowledge of html helps, which is why I will not switch to blogger beta right now. I like having complete control over my blog.

Sarebear said...

I'll hold a House-a-holic meeting tonight, whilst I wait. Whee! Still watching the new house right now . . . c'mon over in a bit everybody, if you like House! Or even if you don't.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a lot of questions for you to answer. My answer to them in general is I love blogging, my family supports it and I have met a lot of folks I look forward to commenting back and forth with daily.

I'm a blogaholic and I love it!!

ipanema said...

Aaah! The BA is getting bigger Dr. A.

I'll blog on this too. :)

Dreaming again said...

I was working so hard on getting the stuff ready for the publisher, I missed a BA MEETING!!!!!!!! ACK!!!!!!