Monday, September 18, 2006


Ran across this great post today from my new blog friend, The Curmudgeon, who is a lawyer. Imagine that, a lawyer and a doctor agreeing on something - call the papers. Anyway, he was wondering of striking a balance between blog life and real life.
Since I'm self-employed, there's no one except me to tell me to stop reading other people's blogs and get back to work. I have noticed that my productivity is not what I would hope it should be some days, especially when I read on too long, chasing link after link. (Of course, my productivity is never what I think it should be... and it's been like this for years, even before I ever heard about blogging... but, you see? I'm already digressing....)

Since some of you who've stopped by here recently are far more experienced at blogging than I, I'd love to hear how you balance blog life... and real life.

I'll hang up now and wait for your answers.
Great question - worthy of a BA meeting. I encourage you to stop by there and give Atty Curmudgeon some feedback. I'd rather you leave your comments over there rather than here. I'm curious to see what people say.