Sunday, September 17, 2006


Kind of a lazy day today, which is good because I get so few of these. I'm going to admit up front that this post may not go anywhere. But, hey, I'm a blogaholic. I have no problem just writing about anything.

Had lunch with mom and dad. Mum's birthday is coming up this week and we went to one of her favorite restaurants. I don't get to see my parents that much these days, mainly because of schedules. I try to get to see them every couple of months or so, and call a little more often than that. They're going with some friends of theirs to Las Vegas next month. It's always enjoyable hearing my parents tell their stories -- maybe I was lucky enough to get some of those genes.

I do admit that I could not stay away from the office. There's always paperwork to do, so I went there for a couple of hours. I like to try to clean up my desk as much as I can before starting off the week.

Oh yeah, next weekend, I'm going to be going to Washington, DC, for a meeting. I haven't been there for a number of years. I'll take my camera and my laptop. Surely some things to blog about there. I'm looking forward to that.

Finally, did some more tinkering with my sidebar over the weekend, as I'm watching golf. Ahhh, how relaxing is this. I usually blog when I'm stressed or tired or both. Great to blog when I'm feeling pretty good. Hope you're having/had a great weekend!


ladybug said...

hey me, ok?
too bad carrie isnt in the states, we could have an in-person BA meeting!!! lemme know what your schedule is like - will you have time free for lunch or the like?

i'll even bring you a diet coke!

High Power Rocketry said...

Wow you gave 100 bucks to best blog?

Anonymous said...

Doc, I love hearing you talk about your parents. Now I have to check out your sidebar. I also did some things to mine this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Finally clustr maps updated you!

Anonymous said...

nothing at all wrong with this post.. enjoyed it actually!!!

rdl said...

Lazy is a good thing, sometimes. and what a nice son.

Ian said...

I had a supremely lazy day myself. With my kids spending the night at their grandparents' house and my wife off of work (she normally works weekend overnights), it was eleven before I rolled over and looked at the clock. I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon developing my second blog, a companion to my webcomic.

Now I'm watching a TIVOed football game, checking blogs, and preparing to read The Hobbit to the EDoglings before bedtime.

My kind of do-nothing day. :)


Dr. Deb said...

I had a fun weekend. THe weather here on the east coast was splendid. Hope you did as well.

HP said...

Frantic weekend here. Work, work, work and the occasional blog surf.

Hope your weekend was good too.

All that free time and still no iPod list. Heh, heh.