Sunday, July 16, 2006

I love the 70s

Ok, so I was innocently watching college championship frisbee football when a commercial break came. I decided to do some channel surfing and I ran into this show called I Love the 70s on VH1. For those of you who have never seen this, it's a bunch of has-been celebrities commenting on the pop culture moments of that decade.

I started at 1972 and got hypnotized into watching the rest of the decade. What's wrong with me? I just could not turn the channel. They just kept talking about the movies and music and TV that I remember from back then. I could not stop myself. Help!

But, I was thinking, 30 years from now, I could be on a show like that.....

Hey, Dr. A, what did you think of:
World Cup 2006: "You know all I could remember was that guy from France head-butting that guy in the chest in the final game. What was that guy thinking? 'Oh yeah, like no one is going to see me do that.'"

American Idol: "This was the hottest show on TV. This was the only time in my life where I wish I could actually sing. I only watched the show a couple of times, because I was totally intimidated by Simon. The guy totally scares me. In fact, I still have nightmares about him, 30 years later..."

iPod: "Oh yeah, I remember my first iPod, I put all of my CDs on it (you remember CDs don't you?) and I was amazed that I still had room on the thing to put other music. And, then the screen scratched and I cried the whole weekend and thought that my life was over."

Sign me up! I'd be great at this show. Or, maybe I just need to turn the channel back. There's got to be something on that's not so hypnotizing...


NeoNurseChic said...

Oh that made me laugh! 1972...the year my mom graduated from college... I love looking back at the 70s because my parents had all the clothes and hairstyles of the time and all the stories that come with it! Even my mom's wedding dress (and certainly my dad's wedding tux) was so vintage 70s... :)

As for the World Cup....damn that head butt had to have hurt. I do wonder what he was thinking, too!

American Idol? That's how I'm going to become a star... (yeah...right!) Simon doesn't scare me...Paula scares me!!

iPod - your screen cracked? That sucks... That happened to somebody's Palm pilot that I know...or maybe it was my own...I forget! My cell phone exploded last fall...that was not cool.

Hope this post means you spent the day off relaxing and just chillin out. :) After I read a couple of posts earlier and left a few comments, I went back to sleep at 10am and didn't wake up until my dad called me for the 4th time at 8pm. It was beautiful...I knew that I didn't feel good last night! Much better now... :) Do you start another 12 days straight tomorrow or just a normal week?

Take care!
Carrie :)

ladybug said...

aaah doc, you are too funny! i am glad i am not the only one who gets hypnotized by those shows. my achilles heel is "I love the 80's" ohhh and the "super bad 80's love songs" or whatever theme they are on. i swear the narrator is a bona fide hypnotist!!!

glad you had a good relaxing day off! i am still at work, but had a nice visit from the ex-gf [and her new gf, and gf's daughter] to being me my b-day present... i've got 90 minutes to go, and i am regretting i told my coworker i would do the 7p-11p part of the shift. i was only schedule from 11a-7p. i am gonna be hatin' life tomorrow morning in my first class. ugh. when will i learn?

btw - Carrie: glad you are feeling better!!!

Dr. A said...

Carrie, glad you're feeling better. I've got a "normal" week coming up (whatever that means). My next 12 day stretch will not be for about a month. That's enough time to catch up on my sleep. Hm... What's on TV now?

ladybug said...

doc, you are COOL!
i love the BA History of meetings!!!! what an awesome idea... guess we will all be scheduling them now, eh?

HP said...

So...that's the reason behind the white coat? Hiding those flares and that cheesecloth shirt, eh?

Thanks for the welcome distraction and, more importantly, the laughs, Dr. A.

Dreaming again said...

Carrie ...hate to say this ..but your dad's wedding tux wasn't vintage ... it was hip. It's vintage now lol

Cathy said...

Ok you guys, stop making fun of the 70s. I graduated high school,college, got married and had my babies all in the 70s. I'm so sad that I'm vintage now! lol..

We could go back even further and talk of the late 50s. Poodle skirts ( I bet you guys don't even know what those were)...Record Hops, The twist, bobby socks( they are coming back)...soda fountains at the drug stores, Elvis Presley and Ed Sullivan...That Hitchcock guy that made all those scary movies, I still have nightmares about him.

If I'm still around in 30 years Dr. A. I think Simon will still intimidate me also!

Anonymous said...

Cathy I love the poodle skirts... I used to wear them:) don't ask me why, I love skirts long and full ones.. not the short ones.. I guess Im just weird;)... glad im not the only one who gets traped by those shows DR. A.... makes me feel awhole lot better to know im not alone LOL...

Anonymous said...

Okay Cathy, I've got you beat. I graduated in the 60's ... *cringe*

Personally, I liked the 70's ... they were very, um ... *cough* ... "colorful!" >;o)

D.P. said...

Hmmmmm, will I get banned from the comments section for admitting that I don't watch TV? *grin*

Cathy said...

Oh Moof, I bet you graduated in the very late 60s. I started my senior year in 69 and graduated in 70. I LOVED that time of my life.

ipanema said...

This is funny Dr. A. Ok, here's from another part of the globe.

I graduated from high school in '78. I had the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle. I spent time flipping it, lol. Watched Charlie's Angels, Wild Wild West (there were a lot of Western).

Moof, it really was colourful. Retro was in, Afro hair, huge sunglasses, platforms. It was fun. I was more of the late 70s, thru the 80s.

The 70s had some memorable movies. Remember Kramer vs. Kramer, The Godfather, Grease, Jaws, New York New York, The Omen, Superman, StarTrek, to name a few.

I think it was the Bee Gees time courtesy of John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever.

Sometimes I like Simon for he speaks some truth in his judgement minus his sarcasm please. Paula is always playing safe with her comments.

Good post, Dr. A. Thanks.

jumpinginpuddles said...

we wre also born in the 70's and because we are still in them we dont know what an i pod is or american idol or the world cup 2006, lol

Wrkinprogress said...

This just goes to show you that blogging transcends time, etc. Here are people reminiscing about the 70s (rock on, y'all!) with people who were just barely or not even BORN in the 70s! Who knew?

As for myself, color me a 70s girl (graduated high school in 1980), though I should have been a flower child of the 60s. Hubby graduated high school in '64, then college in '68. At least he's representin' for us!

And yes, VH-1 has some kind of magic hypnoray or something like that, because once you start watching... And speaking of VH-1, whatever happened to those pop-up videos? I loved those things!!!

Dr. A said...

Oh, pop-up videos! I totally forgot about that. Those were a lot of fun. VH-1 being a nostalgic network, they'll probably bring it back at some point.

The Domesticator said...

I think many of VH-1's shows are mesmorizing. I love when they broadcast "I love the 80's" and talk about the hair styles, clothing styles, and music back then. I must confess, I could sit there for hours and watch it. Not that I have or anything *ahem* *wink*