Monday, July 17, 2006

Obesity & asthma

I just read this interesting article from WebMD. Here's a quote:
July 13, 2006 -- A lung-irritating protein made by fat cells may be the missing link between obesity and asthma, say Australian researchers.

Obesity makes it about three times more likely a person will have asthma. And when obese people with asthma lose weight, their asthma gets better, says Michael Rolph, PhD, one of the researchers on the study.
The article goes on to say that there's a protein made by fat cells that causes inflammation of the lungs which then worsens asthma. This is very interesting because if this protein can really be isolated, then more treatment options may be coming along for those with asthma.

I'm seeing more and more kids overweight and more and more kids having diseases like asthma and diabetes and others. There are many scattered theories on the origins of the obesity epidemic, but unfortunately, there is not united agreement on a solution to this problem.

(Don't forget, Grand Rounds is tomorrow. And, a little birdie told me that my submit made the cut. Hmmmm.... Stay tuned to find out.)


Anonymous said...

Hope my daughter in law never hears about that link ... she has severe asthma, but is already too skinny ... she'll starve herself even more!

Grand Rounds! I've lost track of everything in the last two weeks. I haven't submitted anything in 3 (4?) weeks now. Maybe I can rally to my blogging a bit this week ...

Gratz for getting a post in! I knew you wouldn't ever have a problem! :o)

D.P. said...

I'm with Moof re: Grand Rounds . . .but it looks like you are on your way to being a regular contributor!

Dreaming again said...

Moof ...funny you should mention that. It's something about the eating disordered brain that will twist anything ...

My first reaction was :well there is a reason to hurry up and loose the weight, not doing it the slow way I've been doing.

I saw it as immediate justification to revert back ... I didn't. But my brain went there.

HP said...

So, an honorary girl after all? (Grand Rounds theme - It's all about the girls) Congrats on making grand rounds :)