Monday, July 24, 2006

Soccer doc

Just another manic Monday -- isn't that how the song goes? (all you 80s music fans know what I'm talking about) Why is it that after a weekend, you feel like you need another weekend? Just like you need a vacation after getting back from vacation.

It's not like I was really stressed out over the weekend. In fact, I had a really good weekend. I don't know if I told you before, but I'm the "Soccer Doc" for our boys high school soccer team. They had a pre-season tournament over the weekend.

I'll go into it in a little more detail as the season unfolds, but working with high school kids is really refreshing to me, mainly because my maturity level is about the same as theirs -- HA! It's a good time kidding around with the kids on the bench as they talk about their summer, school, and, girls.

Of course, I feel older and older every year I do this as they talk about music I've never heard of and movies that I've never seen. We joke around a lot. They call me old when I start quoting movies and music from my high school days. I call them young punks, because, well, they are!

The season starts in about a month and goes through October (I think -- have to double check that). Hope you're having a great day. Don't forget Grand Rounds tomorrow.


Penrick said...

Enjoy watching soccer and show up to the field with baggy pants and an Ipod. You will blow their minds.

Im a blogaholic right now as well. I started to pick up a bottle wine to settle in with my lap top for the night.

Lea said...

It is awesome that you are a Soccer Doc! Now I know why you encouraged me to become a mentor to a middle schooler. It sounds like those guys really enjoy being around you. Who knows, maybe a couple of them will become docs just like you!

Anonymous said...

Soccer Doc! Why am I not surprised!? :o)

What don't you do???

Mother Jones RN said...

Hey, Soccer Doc, have you noticed soccer games are a great place to meet women? They call them "Soccer Moms." I just wanted to point that out in case you hadn't noticed:-)

I think it's great you're working as a volunteer. The kids will keep you young.

Mother Jones RN

Dr. A said...

Penrick, welcome to blogaholic central! Yes, I do try to relate to the players by showing up in baggy pants. Kind of funny. BTW, I checked out your blog as well -- good stuff!
Lea, it kind of works out. I try to teach them a little about health/medicine and they teach me about soccer strategy -- FUN!
Moof, yes, there is one thing I don't do -- sleep. Is that normal?
MJ RN, I was told by one of my good friends, "Beware of the Soccer Mom." I have no idea why, they've been nice to me, unless I tell them their kid can't play for one medical reason or another -- then look out!

Mother Jones RN said...

Your friend is right. You are a doctor, and if you are single--and have a pulse--they are scoping you out. If a soccer mom offers to make you a casserole, run!

Mother Jones RN

Dr. A said...

Good to know. Note to self: casserole = run forrest run

Dreaming again said...

How cool. I think kids really love an adult who isn't quite an adult.

My son gave me a keychain for Christmas that says "Cleverly disquised as a responsible adult"

I asked him if it was an insult ... he said "Nope, a huge complement, all my friends think you're great!"

At camp, as a counselor, the sternest I had to get was "Do NOT make me act like an adult!"
They responded better to that than any of the other counselor's who went around acting as an adult laying down the law.

Kids love adult kids. Period. It's also a lot more fun to be around the kids when you are acting like them ...otherwise, it gets annoying fast! ;)

The Domesticator said...

"I wish it was Suuunnnddaaayy...whoa...cuz that's my fun dayyyy...whoa...ohhhohh..."
Oh, sorry, that song had me going....

It's me, T.J. said...

I am an ex-soccer mom.

My kids have decided that they have 'outgrown' soccer.

How about a meatloaf instead of a casserole?



NeoNurseChic said...

HAHA about the soccer mom/soccer doc thing! That's hilarious... I was always soccer sibling. My brother started playing soccer when he was 4, and I was 5 or 6. I was actually never allowed to play myself, but that's okay - I was plenty busy enough with everything else I was doing! However, I sometimes wonder if practicing diving headers in the back yard with my bro didn't do some damage leading to the headache! ;)

My brother was always a soccer fanatic. My dad then even served as president of the local club for awhile until it got too chaotic and stressful. A lot of my traveling around the country was done in the name of soccer. My brother was awarded a soccer scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh when right before his senior year in HS, he tore his ACL, LCL and meniscus of one knee. So he missed out on his senior year season. And then wouldn't you know that before going off to college, he tore the ACL in the other knee. I saw that game...oohhhh cringing still remembering!

He kept going back to college level, but once you're more or less out for 2 years, that running will do ya in. They thought he had compartment syndrome, but later diagnosed it as stress reaction syndrome and he quit the team. He still plays intramural through work now that he lives in NYC, though! I guess I've always loved soccer by default!


Carrie :)

Anonymous said...

don't remind me my niecie girl and nephew make me feel old and even
call me old
when im having a puter problem
i call niecie girl
ahh well
cool that you do the soccer doc thing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Anon ... repeat after me:

Sleep is good ... sleep is good ... sleep is good ...


ipanema said...

Now, here's one soccer fan. After the world cup, I just need a rest. With all those heartaches (I was rooting for Brazil then).

It's really great working with the young ones. You have to feel young too and understand them, otherwise you won't enjoy it. Good luck with your team. :)