Friday, July 07, 2006

Blogaholics Anonymous

Hello, I'm Dr. A, and I'm a blogaholic....

Before we get started, just a couple of announcements. If you haven't signed up for the map, yet, please do so before you leave today. Also, if anyone forgot their container from their covered dish from the last meeting, I have it in the back of the room.

For me, this week was going pretty good until last night. I was flying around reading and commenting on blogs when I got a message in my e-mail box. I go over there and all of a sudden, I had this feeling of anger and rage. It was a spam alert.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is not my first experience with spam. But, when I set up this blog less than a month ago, I set up a new e-mail account also. I couldn't believe that it only took a few weeks until the spam started flowing in. It took a few minutes of slow, deep breathing and meditation until I calmed down. After that, I continued on the blog patrol.

Does this happen to other people with spam? How do you deal with it?


Anonymous said...

Whoa ... spam.

Now we're getting into the real nitty gritty.

I have 5 personal blogs ... just this morning, I deleted over FIFTY comment spams that my public blog's Word Press filters caught, one new one that it missed, and over 20 comment spams on my Themes blog. The last time I deleted spam on my public blog was yesterday ... so it's not a gradual accumulation.

I have 9 email accounts. There was recently a jump in spam, and I started keeping a nightly log of how much spam I get in a day. Here's a cut/paste of my log:

Thursday, June 22, 2006 - 704
Friday, June 23, 2006 - 641
Saturday, June 24, 2006 - 627
Sunday, June 25, 2006 - 557
Monday, June 26, 2006 - 570
Tuesday, June 27, 2006 - 631
Wednesday, June 28, 2006 - 558
Thursday, June 29, 2006 - 781
Friday, June 30, 2006 - 690
Saturday, July 01, 2006 - 505
Sunday, July 02, 2006 - 481
Monday, July 03, 2006 - 641
Tuesday, July 04, 2006 - 640
Wednesday, July 05, 2006 - 644
Thursday, July 06, 2006 - 573
Friday, July 07, 2006 - 682

Since I always do them after midnight, the automatic date insert I use makes it seem as if it's the next day's stats.

The shout box on my public blog also gets spammed.

Nothing seems to be able to make me as angry as spam does.

*pulls out a tissue ... blows nose loudly, dabs eyes melodramatically*

These group sessions are great, Doc!

Next ... ;o)

Dreaming again said...

Poor moof! Maybe if you'd stop serving those delicious omelettes, they'd stop coming back for their spam and eggs!!!!

Dr. A, I'd like to know how I'm supposed to stay in denial about my blogging addiction when you keep dragging me to these meetings?

Here's the donuts ...where's the coffee?

Dr. A said...

DA, Coffee is in the back. Hope someone brought cream and sugar. I'm a Diet Coke guy myself. It's back there also, if anyone would like some.

ladybug said...

i brought homemade southern sweet tea - lotsa sugar and lotsa lemon...

another addiction

Wrkinprogress said...

I hope no one minds that I brought homemade cinnamon raisin bread. At least the raisins are good for us!


GaffLady said...

greenbean casserole this week. that lid might be mine.

The Tundra PA said...

Holy cow, Moof! five blogs and nine email accounts??? Do you have a life?? (JK) I can barely manage one blog and two emails. If you are managing the accounts after midnight, maybe you've learned to give up sleeping? I'd love to have all those extra hours, but sleeping is just SO delicious! (esp. with Dutch, he's so big and warm) And then you write such awesome posts as the one I just read (and commented on) this morning at All Blogged Up. You're awesome, Moofie!

But back to the meeting... "Hi everyone, I'm TPA, and I'm a blogaholic." (all together now) "Hi TPA!" The contribution I'd like to make to today's meeting is in the post I put up yesterday afternoon at Tundra Medicine Dreams, so if you'd all like to whip out your laptops and jump on the wi-fi, I'll just let you read while I pour myself some coffee... I brought the half-and-half and Splenda... (TPA hears a few chuckles of recognition around the room as people read)

Now, on spam. Uggghh. So far, I haven't had any problem with spam on the blog, so I guess word verification is doing its job. The email account I established to go with the blog hasn't acquired much either. My personal email gets a fair amount and I don't know what to do about that except rage at the laptop for a moment or two each day, take deep breaths and hit delete-delete-delete...

Thanks for hosting the meeting, Dr. A, and for having such cutting edge facilities!

Anonymous said...

I blogged about you.
--Dinah of shrink rap.

NeoNurseChic said...

Yes I would like some diet coke. I hate coffee. It's 1:45pm in the afternoon and I just finally woke up, so obviously I need some caffeine! So tired that I could easily sleep until night time! Guess getting only a total of 6 hours of sleep in the 4 days prior was a bad idea? LOL

Dunno about the email on my blog hasn't been spammed. I didn't look at how you have yours set up, but I don't have an email-me link on my blog. I have my email typed out with xxx (at) juno (dot) com. That's supposed to prevent spamming. Only once have I gotten comment spam on my blog, despite the word verification!

My old yahoo email account had so much spam that I never check it, even though that's the only email some people use for me! Oh well...

Take care!
Carrie :)

Cathy said...

I stayed awake long enough to bring 2 homemade butterscotch pies to todays meeting..hmmm.

Dr. A. email spam is every where. I have 3 E-mail accounts, I can't keep up with deleting spam. Sometimes I even miss a non-spam email, when I start deleting them because I'm so use to spam that if a subject matter doesn't really catch my eye then it all gets deleted.

I had 1461 messages in one email account today,(not all from one day though) all but 3 was spam. I wish I knew how to make it stop.

I enjoyed todays topic, it allows us to vent over a nasty topic. Thanks for hosting.

ladybug said...

*whispering, asking cathy for recipe for the butterscotch pies* mmmmm

jumpinginpuddles said...

i spam them back with report and delete.

Anonymous said...

Penis enlargement! *LOL* Ayuh.

Have any of you seen the ones about "The Bouncer" or the "The Vibrating Ring?" ... *cough* ... *blush*

Oh yeah ... and then there are all the little Russian girls with the cams that want you to be their "soul mates." *rolls eyes*

I'm even getting Nigerian Scams in FRENCH! Wish I couldn't read them ...

TPA ... sleep? What's ... s l e e p ?

I forgot to mention that I brought the ...

*Moofie crinkles a brown paper bag as she reaches in and pulls out a .. . *

... big bottle of Jim Beam.

Anyone bring Ginger Ale? *blink*

Dr. A said...

What has happened here! I wanted to talk about spam and the conversation has deteoriated to talking about penis enlargements and vibrating french russian girls with jim beam and ginger ale. Sheesh!

There's a blog posting in there somewhere. I'll work on it.

Hey! Don't forget to clean up the place a little bit before leaving -- You slobs! HA! Thanks, as always, for the comments today...

Dream Mom said...

Well, I brought some Peanut Butter Cheesecake Mini's for the clean up crew. They are basically little cheesecakes with a Reese's inside. I figure the clean up crew should be treated well since it looks like the blogging meeting is growing. All of the bloggers of course, don't have much time for clean up with all that blog reading:)

Hats off to Moof-I have a hard enough time keeping up one life with "one" blog and two e-mail addresses let alone 5 blogs and 9 e-mail accounts. Information please, how do you manage that?

Ouch! Who slapped me on the hand for asking that question? Yes, I realize we are hear to get help for our blogging but I was just curious. I hear Moof is the blogging expert.

Dreaming again said...

Dream Mom ...not all of us are here for help! Some of us are here for hints ...and links! Hmmmph!

(rather stubborn case here)

Cathy, I think spammers are coming after your butterscotch pie!!!

I always bring cream (half and half )and sugar/sweetner (pink, blue AND yellow for those with a preference) with the coffee when I bring coffee. I even bring raw sugar. Even some chocolate and vanilla coffee syrups. A traveling coffee bar.

This bloggers Anonymous meeting has taken a rated PG turn ...just like the Champions on Ice show I saw last night!! *blush*

Anonymous said...

*clears throat* Soooo sorry I am late.. I got caught up on another blog *ducking bashfully*,

I brought choclate chip cookies and choclate chip mint cookies...
and coke.. can't do the diet.. should but can't

about the spam.. glad moof brought up the xrated spam.. I blush and wonder what the heck i posted to warant that kind of attention.. gesh..

my home e-mail account has been suffereing greatly from all the spam and then theres the stuff in a different language I can't even read.. hmmmm grrr

ahhh well... next time I think I'll bring fudge brownies.. that ok with everyone?

It's me, T.J. said...

It looks like I have missed the meeting...


I was called back in to work on my way over. I had already bought the ice cream when I was called, and now its all melted in the seat of my car.

*sobbing uncontrollably*

How will I ever get the help I need if I can never be a part of the meetings?


I think I'm a blogaholic.

*wringing hands*

I don't want to end up with no sleep and 20 blogs and 50 e-mail accounts and spam upon more spam.

*hysterical now*

I feel out of control and I'm afraid.

I have 6 e-mail accounts that I can't keep control of.

I'm afraid that I'll start logging my spam too.

*wa ha ha ha*

Somebody, please help me before it's too...


Cathy said...

what I want to know is who is going to host next week's meeting and what the topic will be?

Anonymous said...

*Moof sits quietly in the corner, watching all of the meltdowns across the room with no little amazement.

She looks around for ginger ale one last time, then sighs disappointedly as she opens the bottle of Jim Beam.

Her eyebrows go up a bit when Dream Mom asks her question ... *

Dream Mom, it's OK. You can ask. It won't help, but you can ask! "Manage" is too strong of a word. *cough* I am at a Blogaholics Anonymous meeting, after all!

*By the time Moofie gets done answering, TJ rushes into the meeting, looking distraught. Moof watches TJ in growing consternation as Dr. A surreptitiously reaches under his seat for a strange jacket with funny looking sleeves ... *

(Nota bene: the above comment is what happens when Blogaholics don't get enough sleep! ;o)

Dreaming again said...

SLEEEP? we're supposed to go to sleep?

I thought the internet replaced the need for sleep! Why didn't someone tell me!!!???!!!

Anonymous said...

Im with dreaming again... I thought that internet replaced the need for sleep... why didn't someone tell me it didn't work that way?

Moof I brought the ginger ale..

Better late then never

Dreaming again said...

Jim *hic* bea*hic is gone *hic*

Anonymous said...

welll since I knew I was late and thought just perhaps of takin a wee sip myself...

I brought another bottle



Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. A and All You Bloggies,

I'm Mary Lu. *wave* And I'm a Blogoholic. I'll take a coffee with real cream or a real coke. None of that diet crap for me, my stomach hates the phoney sugar crap.

I currently have several blogs, and multiple email accounts, some of which I manage for "big names" because they are too stupid to hit the send/post button. Pity huh? But it does pay the bills.

I'm open to a meeting, regular scheule okay?