Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NOT a medical blog

I can't seem to sleep, so why not blog? Just surfing around the internet, I cannot believe all the medical blogs that I have run into. All really good stuff. I cannot help but be intimidated by the quality of the medical information that is out there.

I ran into this thing called "Grand Rounds" in which all of the relevant medical blogs are listed and their latest topics being discussed. I'm pretty confident that this blog will not be anywhere on that list.

This blog is the observations of a doc out there just trying to make it in America today. Yes, from time to time there may be some medical commentary. From time to time there may be some ranting. From time to time, I may even say something funny.

But, as Yoda would say, "A medical blog this is not..."


Cathy said...

As for "Grand Rounds". You can certainly be included in it. All you have to do is send a submission to whomever happens to be hosting for that particular week. It will then be part of that weeks Grand Rounds.

I'm a patient and I submitted. Trust me, if they posted and linked my submission they will absolutely love yours!

EE said...

Now you're one of the top medical bloggers out there...

:) I love your blog, you've been blogrolled.